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Why You Need Our 
Beginners Course in Fashion Design

– If you LOVE Fashion and want to turn your love for Fashion into a viable business, this Course is for you!

– If you have always wanted to wanted to learn how to sew from scratch both as a skill and as a business opportunity, this Course is for you!

Targeted at complete beginners with no prior knowledge of sewing, this all-encompassing Fashion Design Course teaches the 3 most important aspects of starting and running a Fashion Business:

Creative & Fashion Illustration Courses;
Sewing & Patternmaking Classes; and
Fashion Entrepreneurship Courses.

We don’t only teach you how to sew, we also teach you how to make money from your knowledge so you can run a sustainable business and start your clothing line. All in a friendly and conducive work environment.


Earn a Certificate of Completion

You will get a Certificate of Completion when you successfully complete the Course. This includes attendance, punctuality and submission of all assignments & projects.


Win a Prize

We reward our students for their efforts. The best student with the best project and who has been consistent with their work, attendance and punctuality all through the Course wins a prize at the end of the Course.

Learn to Sew with a Perfect Factory Finish

– Learn how to create the perfect stitch;

– Learn how to thread and use the sewing machine;

– Learn the various tools you need in garment construction;

– Learn various sewing techniques for perfect finishing;

– Learn how to sew skirts, dresses, blouses, shirts, jumpsuits, sleeves, collars, plackets, etc with any fabric of choice;

– Learn the steps in the garment construction process.

Learn the Business Sides of Fashion

–  The Business Opportunities that exist in the Fashion Industry;

–  Proper Costing, Pricing & How to Sell Your Clothes to Make a Profit;

–  How to Start Your Clothing Line (the Clothing Production Process);

–  How to Build Structures in Your Fashion Business; and

–  How to Keep Track of Your Business Finances with an Online Accounting Software.

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