As a CEO of a a fast rising ready to wear clothing brand, Chidindu Nwosu is well grounded in everything fashion.So far, Chidindu has proven that she is more than just a fashionista, she is also a trendsetter.

1.Every lady has a “no-make up face” day, what is your no make up regimen?

I personally do not have a special process for my no-make up face asides eating healthy food and exfoliating once a week

2.Every woman has a wardrobe staple, what would yours be?

White t-shirt,denims,lacey black camisole,culottes,and animal prints

3.Who is your Fashion or Beauty Inspiration?and Why?

Its no other than lovefromjulez because I love how she mixes and matches her outfits which makes her standout

4.If you are given a Gift Card to purchase only 3 beauty products, what would they be?

A facial cleanser,Bronzer and Perfumes.I looove Perfumes

5.Which service is your “can’t live without “beauty splurge-Spa lounge,Nail salon or Hair salon

Nail salon anyday!!!